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We help students to understand the basic concepts so that they evolve interest in the subject rather fearing from complexities of subject.


Our main motive is to create interest in the subject which will automatically follow learning to the excellence.


Our experienced and learned faculty help them to gain deep knowledge of subject by innovative formats of teaching.


We help students to understand the basic concepts so that they evolve interest in the subject rather fearing from complexities of subject.


Get the best eating education and practice by taking online courses.


They carry out doubt clearing sessions, give them regular well designed assignments and also carry out regular assessments and tests.

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About Gurukulam

We, at Shri Gurukulam, have been working for more than 26 years in providing quality education to the education and always proclaimed that quality education is the right of every child. We are pleased to say today that Shri Gurukulam is an effort to establish the importance & study fundamentals in education. In the past years we have helped many students in achieving their dream of getting into the IITs & other competitive exams which includes the Secondary and Higher-secondary schools as well.

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Our Testimonial

My daughter is in Grade 10. Learning Chemistry and understanding the subject was more like a nightmare for her. But after signing up for classes in Shree Gurukulam, they helped her to understand equations in a much simpler way than taught at school. Sir Suresh Sahad is a wonderful teacher and there are very few teachers like him who takes personal effort and care to ensure the student understands the subject. Due to this my daughter has developed a liking for the subject. I am very thankful to him for boosting the confidence level in my daughter and make her know her potential as a mentor.

Scored 100 marks in Chemistry exam in 2015 CBSE 12th board. Here is some advice from my side: Chemistry is the easiest subject as compared to Physics & Mathematics. NCERT is more than sufficient to score good marks in Chemistry. Make your concepts clear and do practice all the NCERT in-text questions. Make notes containing formulae of each and every topic. Since Organic Chemistry is more time consuming, so in Organic Chemistry reactions, conversions, distinguishing tests and questions on identifying compounds A, B, C, D, E based on some chain of tests are important. Lastly, revise each and everything every day. GOOD LUCK.

Suresh sir is very nice and makes sure you understand the concept really well. He is approachable and clears all the doubts, however times you ask him. He gives good questions to test yourself.

My son has been taking classes from Shree Gurukulam for a year now and I am proud to say that he has scored distinction in chemistry! We are very happy to be associated with Shree Gurukulam who have nurtured my son's academic abilities.

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